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We offer service combined with more than 2 decades of experience

We represent a diverse portfolio of premium brands to the travel market on a global scale, with emphasis on airport duty-free retail, military shops,  inflight sales, cruise- and, ferrylines.

We are your dedicated electronics distributor for Duty-Free

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Duty Free Distributor

Everyone needs electronics, its part of our daily lives whether it concerns private or business matters.

Company expertise

With our in-house retail experience and continuous flow of data that we acquire through sales analysis, we have detailed information on consumer demands, dwell time, consumer profiles, spending drives, and sales data. 

We use these to successfully implement our full product portfolio at any of our accounts. We do not only optimize sales, we also offer benefits through our consolidated shipments and our skills in terms of logistics. We support our customers by solving problems that in rare occasions do not even relate to us and, eliminate as much risks as possible.

Corporate Goal and Mission Statement

We specialize ourselves in supplying high-quality products to the duty-free markets. We do not concentrate exclusively on our own revenue, targets or short-term gains. Instead, we put the principal focus on our customers and their performance.